Thrill seekers, daredevils and adrenaline junkies get ready because Sydney’s highest and largest aerial adventure park, Skypeak Adventures, is now open to challenge, surprise and test its guests to their limits! Located at the foot of the Blue Mountains in St Marys, Skypeak Adventures offers courses to suit every level of daredevil.

Built around an ancient River Red Gum and spread over three levels reaching 8 storeys high, Skypeak Adventures’ ‘Atmosphere’ adventure course is waiting to be conquered by those ready to get their adrenaline pumping. Spread over a two hour session the course will have guests hanging out on ‘cloud stations’ before they each choose their own unique adventure path, with options including bridge walks, barrel runs, rope climbs, chasm jumps and trapeze swings, all enjoyed whilst being suspended high in the air.

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The adventure activities are designed to test limits, presenting fun tasks such as tug-of war, skateboarding, rowing a boat and even riding a bicycle across a balance beam 4 storeys high. If visitors need a quick time out before exploring the rest of the activities, they can relax on the picnic table- suspended 9 metres high. Those who are able to relax at this height can take in the spectacular view of the Blue Mountains.

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Momentum’ is where thrill seekers can quite literally take flight at Skypeak Adventures. Guests are invited to freefall into the unknown, straight off the top of Skypeak Adventures’ highest platform. Those who choose to take the leap of faith will experience a 15 metre free fall and a massive adrenaline rush (my palms are sweating just thinking about it!)

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If visitors prefer to be spectators and cheer on their family and friends but still want to share in the high-level (pun intended!) fun, they have the option to explore the Skypeak Adventure activities from the ‘Skypeak Walk’, designed to be interactive with those who are on the course. If guests are on the ‘Skypeak Walk’ at dusk, they can enjoy a breathtaking sunset over the Blue Mountains.


Skypeak Adventures also offers a Kids’ Course, which will allow for little adventurers to get involved and try a 12 challenge course closer to the ground. Coming soon, the ‘Skypeak Tree’ will be the ultimate tree climbing experience where adults and kids can scale the branches of the River Red Gum at the centre of the Skypeak Adventures structure.

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So for adrenaline pumping and exhilarating outdoor adventure with phenomenal views that caters for every level of daredevil, head to Skypeak Adventures for a day full of thrills and fun!

ADDRESS: 215 Forrester Road, St Marys, NSW 2760

OPENING HOURS: MON – SUN: 9:00am – 7:00pm, late night THURS.

For more information about Skypeak Adventures or to book, visit

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