The autumn winds have been particularly strong this year; gusting harshly against our skin and leaving it dehydrated and dull. It had seemed that no matter how much we moisturised, our skin hadn’t been able to quench its thirst. It was perfect timing then when the invite to Dr Roebuck’s Winter Skin Saver Lunch landed in our inbox.

On the Thursday last week, we headed to the lunch. Held at a private residence in Double Bay, the event was hosted by Zoë Roebuck, one half of the Dr Roebuck’s founding duo, and Scott Gooding, celebrity chef and health expert. Seated among the elite of Sydney’s beauty experts, we dined on dishes designed to improve skin hydration and maintain a healthy glow. The highlight was the avocado and cocao mousse with fresh raspberries, designed to protect skin from environmental damage. Who knew avocado in a dessert could taste so good?


Zoë addressed the guests mid-lunch to explain the story behind Dr Roebuck’s. Her and her identical twin sister Kim, were diagnosed with eczema at a young age so for them, maintaining a healthy diet and using all-natural skin products was less “trendy”; more of a way of life. She explained how the skin care range grew organically as the sisters’ friends began asking for the special cream the girls used. The range was launched in 2010, is now stocked in all Priceline pharmacies, and is the number one Australian natural skincare brand in Canada.

“We decided to launch Skin Diets in Winter because our products contain ingredients such as macadamia, grapefruit and rosehip that assist the skin during the cold, dry winter season. Our philosophy is to be healthy on the inside and out, which is so relevant to these skin diets. We believe that your skin is a combination of what you put into your body, as well as what you put on it,’ Zoë said.


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After visiting most of the major city hubs around the world while growing up, Sangeeta Kocharekar arrived in the furthest one from home (the good old US of A) six years ago - Sydney, Australia - and hasn't looked back since. She relies on her trusty weather vane to detect the next big fashion and beauty trend storms in the distance to hit. She also eats, drinks, and dances her way around town scoping out stories to report on so Sydney Social 101's loyal readers are in the know. You can follow her adventures on Instagram at @sangeetatatiana.

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