We all know the importance of safety in the sun, so Sydney Social 101 was super excited to be invited along to the launch of revolutionary new Solar D sunscreen.

It’s Australia’s first Vitamin D friendly sunscreen, which promises to offer maximum sun protection whilst allowing you to soak up a percentage of those much needed Vitamin D forming rays.

After sitting down with a gorgeous mango & raspberry smoothie and a two-course breakfast courtesy of O Bar & Dining, I was fuelled to hear more.

The chirpy Grant Denyer, hosted the chat session with the gorgeous brand ambassador’s Renae Ayris and Jules Sebastian, along with Dr Ginni Mansberg and MD Mathew Collett to provide all the research and medical insights.


At first I wasn’t overly sold on the concept of the product, but after listening to the chat and learning more, I’ve become pretty excited to give this a try and say goodbye to vitamin supplements – knowing I can still get the goodness I need and remain safe in the summer sunshine!
Solar D comes in a selection of products including Solar D Daily Use SPF 50, Solar D Active SPF 30 (2hrs water resistant) and Solar D Kids SPF 30.
All Solar D products are fragrance free, oil free and suitable for all skin types.
You can get your hands on your own bottle of Solar D from mid-October at Woolworths, starting from $13.95.
Do you currently use Vitamin D supplements? Does Solar D sound like something you’d try? Let us know what you think!

Words by Kathryn Davis, Sydney Social 101’s contributor.

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