Cairns – within Tropical North QLD. Beautiful weather. Palm trees everywhere. Great Barrier Reef. Islands to be visited and cocktails to be had. Where better to have a girls trip away? Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to enjoying the perfect girls trip near Cairns by @suekang_

  1. Eat Cake by the Ocean

Damn, is Joe Jonas listening? Grab that cake and sit your insta-perfect arse in front of a beach and eat a cake. Bonus points if you have this song blasting from your campervan as you stare dreamily into the ocean.

My recommendations on where to grab that cake? Easy:

  • If you’re near Cairns: Ozmosis Café
    62 Grafton Street, Cairns City QLD 4870.
  • If you’re near Port Douglas: Mocka’s Pies
    9/34 Grant St, Port Douglas QLD 4877

When we drove up to Port Douglas we saw signs loudly declaring that Mocka’s had won AWARDS based on their baked goods. This place is not to be argued with.

And now if you’ve made your way up north on an epic road trip towards Port Douglas/Cape Tribulation area from Cairns, your next mission is finding a beach where it’s safe. Be warned. Crocs everywhere. #CROCSbytheOcean

  1. Eat to your heart’s content.

Oh shiz. Did I do another eating step? Yeah well FOOD IS THE RHYTHM OF LIFE. THE SPICE TO MY ALLEY. THE KING TO MY LION.

This time, it’s not about capturing that epic instagram shot with an on-point caption that flawlessly mentions a cool song. It’s about putting your phone down (no, don’t pick it up, not even to use snapchat) and just feasting. Eating until you really feel the meaning of the word gluttony. I have personally found that after hiking the Overland Track for six days, my personal gluttony limit does not exist, but see what you can do.

My fancy feasting options:

  • If you’re in Cairns: Salt House
    Marina Point, 6/2 Pierpoint Road, Cairns City QLD 4870
  • If you’re in Port Douglas: Salsa
    26 Wharf St, Port Douglas QLD 4877
Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 7.23.38 pm

CREDITS: @SaltHouseCairns instagram

I’d also like to personally recommend the Toblerone cocktail from Salt House. It takes the edge off the fact that everything in the waters in Tropical North Queensland wants to kill you. Stingers. Crocs. Nemo.

  1. Going back to nature – camping adventures.

Yeah it’s not all about feasting and dying of indigestion here. You have to go back to nature and really enjoy it.

It’s obviously made better if you have a JUCY van as all you need is get yourself a cool campsite and then you chill and absorb the atmosphere. Cape Trib Camping was amazing as there was a beach literally 5 second walk from our camper van site. Not to mention the nightly entertainment.

We were greeted by a good old Aussie bloke by the name of Fitzy and Wippa. Oops I mean Whippy Whip Whip Nae Nae something. Oh okay fine, his name was Nathan ‘Whippy’ Griggs. I immediately mistrusted him as he opened his act by saying he was a famous whippa on social media. Jesus Christ. Does such a thing exist? But then as we settled in and watched him whip (nae nae). It was actually really entertaining. I mean, what better than whipping as dinner entertainment in regional QLD? I half expected Crocodile Dundee to rock up at any moment holding a Koala and wombat (and they’d be called Shazza and Dazza).

Much Australia. Many Nae Nae.


And you can go horse riding right outside of Cape Trib on Myall Beach (which basically the camping site - it's so close)

And you can go horse riding right outside of Cape Trib Camping on Myall Beach (which basically the camping site – it’s so close)


  1. Girls take Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy island has something to offer to everyone. It’s got hikes. It’s got snorkelling. It’s got kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. It’s got massages. It’s got loads of cocktails. I recommend doing the Summit hike, short walk to Nudey beach and drinking the cocktails. In whatever order you’d like. I’m always going to treasure my memories of floating at Nudey beach with my friend Nora (@missnora_x) until the sunset, talking about everything and anything.

Also I’ll have good memories of us paying only for the continental breakfast and then, fearfully consuming hot breakfast food (bacon and more bacon) under the watchful eye of the Frightening Breakfast Lady. Because we are criminals. Worthy of being serenaded by Britney Spears.

And then later, finding out that we paid for the Hot Breakfast and didn’t actually need to cower in fear. Oh well. We live and we learn. We bacon and we learn.

HIking on Fitzroy Island: the Summit Hike

HIking on Fitzroy Island: the Summit Hike


Muchas Gracias to making this crazy nonsensical girls weekend away possible. We love road trips. We also love JUCY. Dem Crazy Green and Purple gets our heart racing. Find out more at and follow them on social media @JUCYworld


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