Grab your Open Water Certificate and your brand new Go Pro, we’re going to Catalina Island to fill up our shiny dive logs.

How do we get there?

Catalina Express is the easiest and most frugal option. They operate out of (1) San Pedro, (2) Long Beach and (3) Dana Point and arrive on either (1) Two Harbors or (2) Avalon on Catalina Island.

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We caught our 6am ferry out of Long Beach (Downtown) and arrived in Avalon by 7:15am. We got to enjoy our morning coffee and was able to soak in the island vibes before we walked up to Catalina Divers Supply for our boat dive at 8am.   

What should we expect to see?

Are you ready to swim through magical kelp forests? Catalina Island’s iconic kelp forests are returning and the there are a ton of brilliant orange Garibaldi to say hello to amongst the kelp.  With Catalina Divers Supply, you can go on boat dives all over the island to figure out your favorite dive site! The local’s favorites include Casino Dive Park, Lover’s Cove and Descanso Beach.

The light filtering through the Kelp Forest understory @kelpandcoral

One of the many reasons Catalina is such an appealing dive destination is due to its marine diversity. Fascinating invertebrates, unique fishes and compelling pelagic species are all regularly spotted at the island’s dive sites. Bring your underwater camera, you’re going to want to test out your photography skills!

Two California Spiny Lobsters @kelpandcoral

The best thing about diving with Catalina Divers Supply was that they really take into account everyone’s diving abilities. The Divemasters talked to everyone on board to understand everyone’s comfort levels and their diving history. So, if you’re a nervous beginner, you’ll feel really well taken care of and be able to understand exactly what dive experience you’ll be undertaking. You’re in safe hands!

Scuba Lover @suekang_ with @catalinadiverssupply

Alright, how do we make this happen?

Contact Catalina Divers Supply to organise this bucket list worthy experience:
(310) 510-0330
Green Pleasure Pier, Avalon, CA 90704, USA

An inquisitive Geribaldi @kelpandcoral

Thank you to my underwater photographer Campbell Gunnell (@kelpandcoral) for all the photography used in this article.


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