I literally can’t function without coffee! I need it to get out of bed, I need it to interact with people and I need it to get stuff done. Sometimes I even need a coffee to get to the café to get a coffee. And that is where Grinders Grocery Range comes in. Café quality coffee, made in the comfort of your home.

Established in 1962 in Lygon Street, in Melbourne’s famous Italian Quarter by Italian migrants Giancarlo Giusti and Rino Benassi, Grinders is dedicated to delivering a premium coffee experience which you can now experience in your home. Grinders uses only the highest-quality green beans from around the world, including Fairtrade and Organic products and the beans are still roasted in Melbourne.

Grinders have been providing coffee-loving shoppers with a delicious range of quality coffee products since 2014. The Grinders Grocery Range has just undergone a complete rebrand. The rebrand highlights Grinders’ Lygon Street heritage, whilst also referencing heart of the business as coffee roasters.

On a recent highly caffeinated morning, Sydney Social 101 got to taste test Grinders new look range. Yep! That’s a lot of delicious coffee. Each of the varieties were full flavoured and deliciously rich with that caffeine kick.  My personal favourite was the Crema variety which offered a rich smooth blend of Arabica beans, medium roasted to enhance the syrupy, citrus flavour with a silky cream finish. The other crowd favorite was the Arabica variety which offered a more intense coffee experience with an intense body, bright acidity, and contrasting rich, floral chocolate notes.

The Grinders range have a coffee to suit all tastes and coffee preferences. The other thing that is great about the range is there is a coffee to suit every home brewers coffee equipment/ coffee making facilities. If you have a flash coffee machine; they have a bean for you, if you have a Caffitaly; Grinders have a capsule for you and if you are more of a French Presser; then Grinders have a ground coffee for you.

The Grinders Grocery range extends to: 1kg Crema and 1kg Espresso Coffee Beans, 200g Crema and 200g Espresso Ground Coffee and also Caffitaly and Nespresso Compatible Capsules both available in four flavours- Crema, Arabica, Espresso and Double Espresso and Cold Brew 300 mL.

Now available in Woolworths and Coles stores nationwide as well as independent retailers across the country.

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