Craft Cartel Liquor has recently launched a craft beer subscription box, delivering 8 or 16 unique beers each month or quarter. First-timers can get their hands on a case for just $1 when signing up to a monthly Craft Beer Club plan between now and 31 March. Craft Cartel Liquor’s ingenious Craft Beer Club offers members a diverse range of styles from around the country including seasonal and limited-edition releases, lesser known gems and crowd-pleasing favourites as well as a few international triumphs from time-to-time.


Craft Cartel Liquor is no ordinary bottle shop and online store. Founded by 2GB’s Food & Wine Show Host and self-confessed ‘Beer Nerd’, Ben Malouf, Craft Cartel Liquor is devoted to hunting down the most sought after seasonal releases and limited-edition Australian craft beers.

Since the launch of its iconic store in Western Sydney (Constitution Hill) in 1998, Craft Cartel Liquor has grown in strength and numbers, opening an online store in recent years to allow for national distribution.

Craft Cartel Liquor offers over 700 curated craft beers, working directly with a vast majority of Australia’s 605 (and counting) craft breweries to offer more seasonal and one-off specials. Whilst its main focus is on showcasing Australian craft beer, Craft Cartel Liquor’s also offers a curated collection of international beers from award-winning breweries around the globe!

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