Australian fashion designer Katie Perry’s pop up store opening on Thursday 18th April saw several creative types coming together showcasing their fabulous wares. Sydney Social popped along to check it out.

Excited guests poured into Katie’s gorgeous residence on Paddington’s style mecca William Street to browse her gorgeous autumn collection and other luxury brands such as Swarovski jewellery from Jlili and boutique skincare Pink Hibiscus (a favourite of Jackie O and Bessie Bardot).

Sydney has seen a bit of a surge in the pop up phenomenon over the past few years. Rising rental prices sometimes see empty spaces for a retailer, bar or art gallery to temporarily spring up in. It’s fun for the consumers who constantly have new places to visit and an excellent way for niche retailers, who don’t necessarily want the financial burden of a full time store, to engage new customers, particularly when several retailers come together in one space.

Throughout the evening, Sydney Social enjoyed the sociability of the shopping experience and the friendly atmosphere while we bopped around to the various designers and retailers. We tasted fabulous Italian wine from Sensi Collezione and ate delicious hot canapés (served by equally delicious hot men!).


Katie Perry was on hand throughout the night to give style tips and showcase the collection. Her pop up shop will be open every Saturday and individual shopping appointments (and for further one off events).

Other guests included; Steve Clisby (The Voice), Lauren Dawes (The Voice), Adam Dixon (couture bridal designer and next-door neighbour) and Anna Lutkajitis (Skipping Girl). The beautiful flowers and decorations were supplied by Willow and Dune.


Sydney Social trivia: brief history of the pop-up shop
‘Vacant’ of Los Angeles was the first company to introduce pop-up retail. In 1999
following a business trip to Tokyo, ‘Vacant’ staff wondered whether consumers would line up to purchase limited edition products from niche retailers.

Once the products were sold out (usually within hours) the store would close until the owner received more products and would then re-open. This led ‘Vacant’ to think about closing the store permanently after the goods were sold, and moving it to another target destination, since consumers were travelling long distances to the niche retailers.

You can check out her online store is www.katieperry.com.au. This review was attended and written by Katie Hoskins. href=”http://sydsocial.melbournesocial101.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2013/04/20130424-115618.jpg”>20130424-115618.jpg

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