Sydney Social 101 was invited to take part in the IsoWhey Sports Athlete Challenge, which took place earlier this week. Guests included Lynzey Murphy from MKR, Jade Albany from Big Brother and Caroline Groth. Sydney Social happened to be the one of the only media in the company of 50 athletes, extremely Fit PTs and Instagram influencers who put themselves forward to challenge themselves with a gruelling workout put together by Andrew ‘Pap’ Papadopoulos who is IsoWhey® Sports latest ambassador, the owner of Battlefit Australia and star of search4hurt S2 (and all round super human in every way – swoon!)

Andrew and Jade LUKELATTY-5321 (2)

The workout started with a modified ZUU beep test, which challenged even the fittest of the athletes (knackered isn’t the word!). The athletes (plus a v unfit blogger who shall remain nameless) then participated in a 2 minute soul destroying bear crawl challenge using ankorr resistance harnesses. The winner was Australian Ironman and IsoWhey Sports athlete Jack Moyes.

 Dylan Gemma

The guests then participated in a ‘friendly’ game of Dodge Ball, Lynzey was one of the strongest players and her team came a close second.


Sydney Social 101's editor, Lisa and Jade Albany

Sydney Social 101’s editor, Lisa and Jade Albany

We were all treated to lunch from Transform Health and gifts from SKINS, H2 Coco, Flow Athletic The Body Shop and Time Out Sydney.



  • Andrew Pap                            Elite Athlete, search4hurt, IsoWhey® Sports Ambassador
  • Lynzey Murphy                      My Kitchen Rules, Personal Trainer
  • Jade Albany                            Big Brother, Personal Trainer
  • David McKintosh                  Gladiators, Celebrity Big Brother UK, former UK Military
  • Lauren Hannaford                Former Elite Gymnast for Australia and Media PT
  • Jack Moyes                             Iron Man
  • Christian Miranda                Instagram Influencer/ Celebrity PT
  • Ben Saava                               Australian Boxer
  • Sam Webb                              Livin Charity
  • Edwin Asotasi                        Former NRL Star
  • Caroline Groth                       Socialite and Instagrammer
  • Kit Cunningham Reed          Australian Rower Australian medallist
  • Hamish Playfair                     Australian Rower, World Cup Team

… seriously, FML!

Photographer: Luke Latty


IsoWhey® Sports is a research-based supplement range for athletes. Each product contains ingredients sourced from world leaders in nutraceutical science and doses aimed at delivering results. The range is free from artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and added fructose.

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