Designed to inspire and motivate, Aktivaal offers a collection of luxury fitness boxes. Thoughtfully curated to deliver a gorgeous selection of fitness essentials to help start and maintain a healthy routine, Aktivaal fitness boxes are both stylish and functional.

The Aktivaal range contains all the staples you need to embark on a fresh start. Whether you’re looking to ease back into a regular exercise routine post-baby, prepare for a half marathon, incorporate yoga into your regime or just add a little extra movement in your day, there is an Aktivaal box for you.

Aktivaal creator and founder Lindy Sorensen was inspired to create a unique, all-in-one kit to help women reignite or start their fitness journey, when she herself was getting back into training after having her baby.

Researching how to prepare for a triathlon, Lindy noticed there wasn’t anything on the market for women who were starting their fitness regime at home. It was also around this time that Lindy gave yoga a try. Despite her best intentions she kept feeling overwhelmed and anxious about being an amateur in a class setting, not knowing what she was doing and struggling with confidence and motivation to try something new.

Then her lightbulb moment hit. There wasn’t a one-stop offering for women who were looking for all the equipment and accessories they needed to exercise in their own time and space – in style. After 10 years of working in Sydney’s corporate business world before becoming an outdoor personal trainer, Lindy combined her passion for fitness with her business wisdom to launch Aktivaal in December 2017.

Simplifying fitness with stylish equipment and must-have accessories, Aktivaal is an elegant destination that incorporates fitness boxes with simple yet effective online exercise and stretching guides. Each Aktivaal box has been thoughtfully developed to include everything you need from warm up to recovery in chic, Scandi-inspired style, drawing on Lindy’s expertise and experience as a personal trainer.

Each unique box is filled with a selection of premium products including the purpose designed Aktivaal fitness mat, yoga mat, water bottle, protein shaker bottle, fitness towel, stunning rose gold Swiss ball, resistance bands, muscle soak and Style Runner Gift Vouchers, to ensure you workout in comfort and style.

Aktivaal fitness boxes available include; Swim Box, Run Box, Yoga Box, Challenge Box, Back to You Box, Kickstart Box, Recover Box and Mini Box (for your mini-me)!

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