The Jewel Pantry will open Canton! Canton!, a lively 68-seater restaurant specialising in traditional Cantonese, in mid-February.

When diners visit Canton! Canton! on George Street, they will enjoy home-style Cantonese dim sum and roast meats prepared by Executive Chef Chan and his committed team. As the provincial capital of Quandong, Canton is the centre of Cantonese cuisine and the venue’s inspiration, influencing the restaurant’s flavours, textures and techniques.

Chan has perfected the art of dim sum over 28 years, studying first under his father and then Hong Kong master chefs in kitchens across the globe. Before joining Tim Ho Wan in 2016, he led the team at Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore as Head Dim Sum Chef.

Canton! Canton! will be open from 11 am, offering a selection of specialty teas and dim sum for a Yum Cha experience reflective of the Cantonese tradition. Later in the day, BBQ meats, a mainstay in Cantonese cuisine, will be served, with gleaming duck, pork and juicy chicken roasted daily. Chan insists on an order of baked BBQ pork buns, with a crisp pastry shell and succulent BBQ pork, prepared in-house by a second generation roastmaster. Dinner will place the focus squarely on hero main dishes rather than dim sum, such as braised pork belly with preserved vegetables, and complemented by a carefully curated wine list. To finish, Chan recommends the fluffy, caramelised sugar steamed Malay cake, a much-loved dessert from Hong Kong which takes chefs three days to prepare. Three banquet menus will also be available, showcasing signature dishes to suit every budget.

Canton! Canton!

 Shop GD004

580 George St, Sydney


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