Hot sauce with your Corn Flakes, anyone? When it comes to eating cereal, Aussies have totally torn up the rule book. Gone are the days of cereal and milk; new research released by Kellogg’s has shown a trend towards unusual flavour and texture combinations.

It’s not as surprising as you might think; 82% of Aussies claim to be adventurous eaters.

Savoury ingredients top the list of unexpected choices, with Aussies admitting they’d be open to adding the following ingredients to create their perfect bowl of cereal:

  • A dollop of warm peanut butter (31%)
  • A dash of olive oil (23%)
  • A spoonful of Vegemite (12%)
  • A sprinkling of sautéed vegetables (8%)

Meanwhile, some people are moving away from milk in favour of less traditional liquids. Topping the list is fruit juice loved by over half of Aussies (58%), followed by probiotic drinks such as fermented milk or kombucha (39%), trendy coconut water (34%), and even chicken soup, which a quarter of Aussies (25%) say they enjoy with Rice Bubbles.

If this sounds like your Perfect Bowl, Kellogg’s would like to know. Kellogg’s has announced a search for extraordinary cereal creations and their creators to star in a new campaign.

From surfers to nurses, uni students to senior citizens and everyone in between, Kellogg’s is encouraging all Australians to apply for the opportunity to feature in the next campaign which will air in January 2020.

To enter, Australians simply need to submit a photo or video of themselves with their perfect bowl and describe how they eat their Corn Flakes, Rice Bubbles or Just Right, to be in the running.

Applications need to be submitted before 21 April 2019 through the Kellogg’s Facebook page

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