Bar Topa, Merivale’s new tapas bar on Palings Lane, is now open. The latest addition to ivy’s thriving dining precinct, Bar Topa is inspired by the unique tapas culture of Spain, with culinary influences from across the Mediterranean.


Holding just forty standing guests, with only a few stools to sit, Bar Topa has been inspired by the informal, social experience of eating at a tapas bar and the vibrant energy that it creates. The food itself is reflective of the broader Mediterranean coast, rather than taking cues from one denomination of Spanish cuisine, while the name is derived from ‘topar’, meaning ‘to come across’ or ‘run into’.


“Bar Topa will be the perfect pit stop for someone on the go, but who still wants to enjoy the pleasures that food and wine play in one’s day, and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere in close quarters”, says Executive Chef Jordan Toft. “They don’t mind squeezing to the front of the line to grab a glass and pick some snacks to share with the friends they’ve just met.”

There are two sides to the food on offer. Small bites and snacks like sliced jamón on crisp bread or whipped salted cod, are available on the counter, allowing guests to simply point at what they like, before taking it back to the group or indulging for one. Then, there will be a selection of tapas-style dishes, cooked on ‘la plancha’, a type of flat metal grill originating from Spain that reaches extremely high-heats. Think chorizo, cooked simply, cuttlefish with parsley, garlic and olive oil, whole sardines, lightly sautéed chicken livers, patatas bravas and grilled vegetables, like grilled broccolini and romesco.


Drinks are served as half-size pours, encouraging guests to taste the different cocktails, beers and wine on offer as they graze on the menu. All priced at $8, cocktails include the Dry Martini (Vodka, Madeira, Lemon Zest), Marques (Pali Cortado Sherry, Campari, Sweet Vermouth), La Perla (Altos Reposado Tequila, Pear Liqueur, Manzanilla), Ti-Negroni (Beefeater, Campari, Sweet Vermouth) and Micro-Spritz (Aperol, Sparkling, Soda). There will also be sangria on tap, and a couple of beers served as miniatures at $4. Wines too are served as 100ml glasses, selected from a small, fun list of twelve wines and a range of sherry – curated by ivy’s Senior Head Sommelier, Jean Charles Mahe.


Bar Topa

4 Palings Lane, Sydney

Mon-Wed: 12pm – 12am

Thu-Fri: 12pm – 1am

Sat: 5pm-1am

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