I am a serious sweet tooth, so when there is a bar/restaurant dedicate to sugary delights I must try it! I am of course talking about KOI Dessert Bar, Chippendale. Situated on bustling Kensington Street, KOI is a little sugary oasis featuring a more casual cafe downstairs where you can have cake and coffee and even buy desserts to-go. Upstairs is the more formal dining area where you can enjoy their savoury and dessert degustation with their signature cocktails.

KOI Dessert Bar is the creation of the Poernomo brothers. Reynold, fan-favourite from season seven of MasterChef Australia, is the brains behind the dessert creations that come out of the KOI kitchen. Arnold who was a judge on Masterchef Indonesia, makes the mouth-watering savoury dishes that feature on the popular degustation menu. The unique and delicious cocktails that complement Reynold’s desserts perfectly are made by Ronald. Some favourites include the aromatic Be My Lady, a mix of St Germain shaken with gin, rhubarb and egg white and Gotta Have Espresso Tini- Vanilla vodka, licor 43, espresso, mirin and maple syrup.

Recently Sydney Social 101 visited KOI Dessert Bar, Chippendale to try out the savoury and sweet degustation. Driven by seasonal produce, the culinary journey of the degustation menu starts off with three savoury dishes that combine traditional Asian fusion flavours with modern technique. The journey ends with a trio of desserts (yes! Three desserts!) that perfectly balance the meal. Not only is each course beautifully put together in regards to flavours, they are also each created to be visually beautiful resembling tasty works of art.


The degustation starts with “Green” a warming dish featuring melt in your mouth storm clams with garlic custard, parsley potato and nori and then moves on to “Red” which is a dish of juicy and rich Ayesbury duck breast served with pickled beetroot, onion and sultana marmalade. The final savoury course and crowd favourite was “Angus”, a tender and juicy Jack’s creek angus sirloin with black garlic potato, barletta onion and galbi jus (cooked medium rare).

After the three savouries we were at the perfect amount of fullness, that is, full but still just enough room for three desserts. The desserts started off with “Yellow” which starred mango gel, yuzu whipped ganache, almond milk gel, mango sorbet, short bread and lemon dust. It was light, refreshing and full of summer flavours. “Citrus and Chocolate”, our favourite dessert for the evening, was next. It was a beautiful blend of soft chocolate soil, torched mandarin, lime zest, honeycomb, caramel gel and honey rosemary gelato (my mouth is watering just typing this!). The degustation ended perfectly with “White” a light and delectable dessert of orange blossom milk with lime nitro, milk crumble, yogurt gel and strawberry.

The service at KOI was fantastic! The staff were very attentive and very passionate about each dish and each dish was beautifully timed to come out soon after we finished the previous one.


KOI Dessert Bar definitely lives up to expectations and is a culinary experience that must be tried especially if you are a sweet tooth like me!


Dinner Degustation Menu 6 Courses $80 pp

For reservations head to: http://www.koidessertbar.com.au/dimmi

If you have any dietary requirements (unfortunately they do not offer vegan and/or dairy free menu) please be sure to notify KOI 24 hours before your booking so they can adjust the menu to suit your needs.

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