I am not a morning person and I am less of a morning person when I realise that my muesli is packed with sugar and when I pour it into the bowl I find that there are literally only two almonds in the pack.  Nooooooo!

However, since discovering MixMyMuesli I have definitely become more of a morning person. Labelled as Australia’s healthiest muesli, MixMyMuesli was created with the aim of providing a truly healthy and convenient option for breakfast. With backgrounds in health, fitness and nutrition, the MixMyMuesli team strongly believe most muesli options on the market don’t actually meet the health needs of many people. They are often packed with false claims, sugars, salts, fats, oils and syrups to make them taste good but therefore make them not good for the consumer. With this in mind MixMyMuesli has created a truly healthy breakfast option for people who want a muesli containing natural, unprocessed and nutrient dense ingredients.

MixMyMuesli packs every product with the best ingredients Australia has to offer, ensuring every pack is full of premium nuts, fruits and grains to give you the healthy start you need to make the most out of your day! The muesli range includes Runners Mix, Exotic Low Fat, High Protein, Goji Berry Antioxidant, Super Chia Fibre Lift, Organic Super Grains, Gluten Free Deluxe & our Café Style Gourmet Muesli (This one is my favourite!)

The MixMyMuesli Difference:

  • No Added Sugar
  • 200% more nuts
  • 250% more fruit
  • 10% less KJ’s

MixMyMuesli is available online via https://mixmymuesli.com.au  and at selected grocery stores in 500g canisters and ‘on the go’ 70g packs that are perfect to throw in your bag, in the car or at your desk to make sure you never run out of your favourite muesli. Just add milk or yoghurt.

NEW: 35g ‘No Added Sugar’ muesli bars will be coming soon.

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