Air conditioning and heaters are an absolute must during the cooler months but they often lead to dehydration and drying out. This means that keeping hydrated and keeping our fluid levels up during winter in extremely important.Keep hydrated this winter with the delicious, pure and fun newcomer to the coconut water scene, Honest Harvest which is packed with electrolytes and minerals to keep you hydrated.

Honest Harvest is 100% raw, organic, single origin coconut water extracted exclusively from Nam Hom coconuts that are grown in organic USDA certified organic plantations in Thailand. Known for their naturally sweet flavour profile, these young green coconuts are harvested at the precise point of ripeness. The nutrient rich liquid is then bottled, High Pressure Processed (HPP) and refrigerated at source as well as all points of transportation and storage. Unlike many commercial coconut waters, Honest Harvest is never heat treated to pasteurise, which destroys many of the naturally occurring nutrients – and delicious flavour. It’s also free from additives, preservatives, concentrate and added sugar. The less intrusive, HPP treatment and constant refrigeration helps to preserve the freshness whilst locking in the velvety smooth flavour and goodness.

Honest Harvest is the closest you can get to cracking open a freshly picked, young green coconut yourself! So while you are freezing in this cold weather you can momentarily transport yourself to a warm, tropical island! (Is it summer yet?)

Not only does Honest Harvest taste amazing, it looks it too! While the clear bottle stands out (most other coconut waters are packed in foil lined tetra-packs) there is a reason Honest Harvest is packed this way. There is absolutely nothing to hide and everything to show off! Whether it’s crystal clear or rosy-pink, Honest Harvest is proudly pure. In fact, the unique pink colour is a tell-tale sign that the coconut water contains naturally occurring antioxidants that wouldn’t survive heat treatment, so it’s as close to nature as you can get. That’s right! Pink coconut water! So pretty!

Honest Harvest coconut water is a Fair For Life member, ensuring ethical, fair and respectful trade partnerships that support the growers and the environment. Honest Harvest also have systems in place to support the biodiversity of the land and the health of the growers, meaning long-term sustainability that conforms to all USDA organic regulations.

So, to stay hydrated the delicious, ethical, natural and fashionable (it is pink after all!) way this winter, enjoy a bottle or two of Honest Harvest coconut water!

Available at selected retailers including Harris Farm Markets in 250ml and 500ml bottles.

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