With Winter just around the corner (noooooooo!!) it is important that we look after our health and support our immune system. Kombucha helps to decrease inflammation, normalise gut processes, support immune function and boost energy naturally- the perfect all rounder for mind, body and soul!


ROK Kombucha is a raw, organic kombucha (hence the name ROK!) that is hand-made in Western Australia’s Margret River- WA’s cradle for fine food and beverages.  In case you haven’t gotten the kombucha memo, kombucha is a fermented tea beverage that is delicious, refreshing and good for you too!

ROK was created by husband and wife duo Trent and Amanda Carroll. Combining Trent’s expertise as a qualified viticulturalist and extensive knowledge of the fermentation and brewing process along with Amanda’s business and marketing prowess, ROK launched in August 2016.


Lovingly brewed using the finest ingredients, ROK is an effervescent elixir of goodness that will make your insides smile – which is extra important now that we are coming into the cooler months! Each bottle of ROK contains millions of beneficial yeast, bacteria and live digestive enzymes, making it a living superfood. ROK is made using the finest quality white and green tea – which are richer in antioxidants that black tea – filtered, pure Margret River water, raw organic sugar and raw, cold pressed juices for flavour.

Refreshing and bubbly (perfect for when the sun is out!), ROK is all natural, preservative free, low in sugar and unpasteurised. This means the bacteria and digestive enzymes that make kombucha so beneficial for gut health and immune support are alive and potent.


ROK is available in Classic Booch®, Berry Beats, Ginger Pop, Passionfruit Rap and Lemon Lick flavour. Sydney Social 101 recently got to taste test ROK Ginger Pop and Passionfruit Rap. Each flavour is super refreshing, is easy to drink, has a good strength in flavour, is not too sweet and they both smell amazing. If I had to choose a favourite it would be very hard but I would have to go with Ginger Pop!

Where can I get ROK? ROK is now stocked by 300 health food stores, speciality grocers, supermarkets and cafes in Western Australia. It is also rapidly expanding its presence on the East Coast with hundreds of stockists in NSW, QLD and Victoria.


For more info: http://www.rokkombucha.com.au/

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