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A quaint café in Freshwater is the ideal spot for a lunch catch up on a sunny Sunday in Sydney. The Bent Fork is a cool little venue with fab food, great coffee and friendly service – the perfect setting for Sydney Social 101’s Editor, Lisa to chat with one of Cleo’s Bachelor of the Year Top 30 finalists; Michael Sparrow.




From Michael’s profile on Cleo’s voting site, I already know that Michael is a PT, he’s 25 and that he shares the same life motto as me: “Live every day like it’s your last”.


A self-proclaimed “all-rounder” and someone who is “active and smart” (he studied medicine at University- impressive), Michael comes across as someone who is very confident in his own skin. I also noted that he is quite the romantic soul as he admits that he asked his last girlfriend out with a song, cute!


I also find that Michael’s idea of a great date is skydiving (tick!) or kayaking (double tick) – just as a heads up, you know, if the chance ever presents itself…


Upon meeting with Michael, it is clear to see why he has made it to the final of Cleo’s Top 30 Bachelors and currently sits in the Top 3 according to Sportsbet.com.au, he is not only very handsome (which I guess is a pre-requisite), he also is very friendly, has great manners and a fun sense of humour (great banter).


After chatting for a short time, it quickly becomes clear that Michael’s profession of being an ‘all-rounder’ on his Cleo profile isn’t his ego talking – it’s an absolute solid fact!


I am intrigued to learn that Michael, who originally hails from New Zealand and has lived in Sydney for 18 months, studied to be a doctor and completed his degree in Zoology. It’s also interesting to find out that Michael was one year ahead of his peers at high school, which worked out really well for him as he was able to transfer to a school in the Denmark to study for a year. During that time Michael explored Europe and had some amazing life experiences.


Our conversation reveals that Michael suffers from ‘itchy feet’ syndrome (the same as me) and an innate love of travel, which has seen him travel all over the US, Europe, Australia and NZ.


It’s not hard to see Michael’s love of life and his aim to really embrace it; in fact it’s practically infectious. I hear of his plans to go to Africa next year for a three month adventure that will involve (but is not limited to): volunteering at an orphanage and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro… I KNOW! Could this guy be more impressive? That is of course a rhetorical question: We think not… Oh wait, yes he can! Michael has also just recently enrolled on a course to study astronomy! A self-confessed ‘nerd’ Michael just loves to learn – Michael really takes ‘geek chic’ to a whole new level.


What strikes us most about Michael is his genuine nature and modesty about all he has achieved by only 25, and what he plans to achieve over the next few years.


As a fully qualified and practicing PT (where do I sign?!), Michael is no stranger to the importance of fitness and nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. We almost forgot to mention, Michael will also be running in the Blackmore’s Sydney Marathon next week! (Is there no end to this guy’s skills, seriously?)



Just for you guys (because I’m dead nice like that) I asked Michael to share some tips with you guys about getting fit for the summer:


Michael’s Top 5 workout tips:
1. Weights – If you want to stay strong, lean and look good for summer stimulate your metabolism by doing weights! This can include body-weight exercises so pushing weights in a gym isn’t essential.
2. Enjoy what you do – the most important point! If you don’t like what you are doing you are not going to stick to it! Walking on a treadmill for hours doesn’t sound too exciting to me!
3. Do compound (more than one joint/muscle) exercises – doing bicep curls is not going to do much in terms of getting fit and looking good for summer. Do full body exercises that recruit lots of muscles and burn lots of energy.
4. Rest – rest is key when getting fitter and ready for summer are your goals! If you’re feeling overworked or tired a day or two of rest is a lot better for you than to keep on training. Injury can put you out for a lot longer!
5. Consistency is key – training consistently in whatever you are doing will get you a far better result than in you sporadically do lots of exercise and then none. Try and do a little bit each day!
Home-exercise plan to get ready for summer!:
Weighted-cardio circuit is an easy, effective workout you can do at home if it’s poor weather outside (if it’s sunny get to the park or the beach!):
Using your body as the weight is going to stimulate your muscles and the cardio is going to burn a good amount of energy.
Tip: Don’t sacrifice form for speed, keep good form.
Circuit – 30 seconds each, 3 rounds, 1 minute rest in between each circuit:
Squat jumps, Push ups, Split Jumps, Mountain Climbers, High Knees, Dips.
Finish off with 3 rounds, 30 seconds each, no rest: Burpees, Bicycle crunches.
Total of 15 mins and trust me you’ll be sore!
Top 5 nutrition tips:
1. Keep it simple! – the amount of people these days that go from diet to diet hoping there is a certain one that will work for them is crazy! Every week there is a new magical weight loss plan or superfood. Just eating healthy foods and exercising regularly has never been more true.
2. Eat clean – eating as much unprocessed food as you can will not only make you feel better, look better but will keep you a full for longer!
3. Protein is key – getting protein into every meal you have stimulates muscle metabolism and keeps you full! And you just can’t beat a good steak (medium-rare please).
4. Enjoy what you eat – your food is only boring if you are boring (although i do admit i’m not the most creative chef out there). Get lots of herbs, spices and sauces into your meals and you’ll find it a lot easier to stick to a healthy food plan if you’re loving what you’re eating!
5. Consistency is key (once again)- trying to 6 meals a day because someone told you too in a lifestyle that doesn’t allow this or that you just can’t be bothered eating that many meals might not work for you. Eat the number of meals that fit with your lifestyle and eat the types of foods you enjoy (healthy choices of course).

It was great to meet Michael and hear his story. If you’re equally as impressed as I was, I encourage you to head to this link to case your vote. You can vote up to 30 times a day and each time you do, you go in a draw to win a brand new car! #Winning



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