Here at Social 101 we’re all about championing those out there that throw caution to the wind, own it and make a difference! This is never more true than the new technology hub, a portal that provides prospective house builders and land owners with the tools they need to make their dream home a reality.


We caught up with all round amazing #girlboss Chelsea Quartermain, who is the Marketing Director at the healm of the disruptive tech SAS (software as a solution): House and Land:

– Tell us about your role at House & Land

As Marketing Director, I’m responsible for driving brand visibility and authority for our products and customers who advertise on our website to send them high quality leads. I was also Interim GM for 3 months recently, involved across Sales, Tech, Product and Business Planning, which I still work closely with to continue to help shape business growth. We’re a small team, so we tend to be able to work across multiple responsibilities.

– What previous experience did you have that you could bring to the role?

I started working in digital from a young age off the back of studying graphic design & website development. At the time, I worked for a small real estate company in Perth, WA. One of the first things I did was build an intranet to connect multiple offices and agents and help create efficiencies in processes, marketing & communication. This was back in the early 2000’s where this was considered being innovative! I continued as their tech, marketing and graphic design lead for 8 years as they grew into a large, successful company. I then headed to the UK where I built up expertise in International markets across travel, finance & retail. As Head of Digital Trading for the National Gallery, London, I had a responsibility of growing commercial revenue through digital channels, with limited resources. I think all this experience has helped in my current role as I have been able to combine innovation in tech, creativity, marketing and system efficiencies to drive commercial outcomes, which helps in getting ahead quickly in a start-up environment.

– What’s it like working for a tech start up?

A tech start up can be equally rewarding as it is challenging. I love the fast pace of a start-up and the ability to have ownership in growing something from the ground up. It can be really exciting. Even small wins feel big so there can be lots of celebrating. The first media coverage, the first x amount of site visitors etc. The challenge isn’t the hard work, because I find everyone is very proud of the effort being made. However, start-ups bring people together in a small environment, so you need to learn how to work seamlessly together. You need the structure of a larger organisation, combined with the flexibility to work agile and fluid across roles, which is an artform. You also need to be prepared for change and always look towards the long-term vision to get you through a tough patch, because there’s always a tough patch!

– Any advice for other Aussie women who would like to work/ run a tech start up?

There is a wonderful vibe in Australia for tech start-ups and growing support for Women in business. There a lots of support networks and great mentors (women and men) to assist and get you ahead, or simply bounce ideas off. I would recommend both women and men be part of these networks and build a trusted group around you that supports you through it and is there to celebrate every step forward! I would also highly recommend looking to grow a network outside of Australia as well. There’s a lot to be learnt from overseas markets.

I have been given lots of advice with regards to how to work in male dominated industries like tech, or businesses with few women. I’ve been told to change my clothing, speak louder, look bigger (I’m a tiny, small voiced woman who likes to wear pink), even put on weight! But I prefer to be myself and encourage all women to do the same. Your voice can be heard when you have something to be said and I’ve never had any issues in communicating my ideas, voicing my opinions or challenging ideas. Being who I am does mean that I can be judged incorrectly at first sight, but I push myself to be honest and transparent so that if there is a misjudgement of my expertise, it can be talked about and we can move on quickly and positively. I’m not quite ready for a power suit.

– Tell us more about House & Land!

House and Land is a one of a kind technology that pairs home designs from Australia’s top builders, to land for sale from Developers and Real Estate agents, allowing consumers to create their own custom house and land package.  This same technology can be integrated into our customers’ website and apps with our software as a solution (SAAS), HAPi. It’s a powerful sales tool for the industry and a new-build solution for consumers to empower them with choice, time efficiencies and a positive experience in their new build journey. It was founded by South Australian Property Developer, Dean Kyros, as an authentic solution for the property industry.

Effectively created by industry for industry to save land developers holding costs, achieve more sales and quicker starts for builders, sell more blocks faster by the agents and give the consumer what they needed quicker and in one place.

We are currently most active in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia & Queensland but will soon be nation-wide with plans to expand into New Zealand and the US.

You can find out more at

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