Australia’s newest dance pop music sensation Andre Cordova is, once again, shouting from the rooftops with his latest single “Unless You Care”, which has just launched. The song shares a strong message that there’s a lot of healing needed in the world, but it needs to start with actions by us.

This powerful pop ballad is deep, it deals with real issues that face not only Andre but also his peers, his family and people he doesn’t even know, with the simple but confronting message “Unless you care – the world won’t change”.

Co-written by renowned Aussie pop star Tom Jay Williams (of At Sunset / Darling Brando) and produced by ZuZu (Nick Delahoyde / Rachael Fahim), the song is set to resonate with the masses in today’s violent climate.

But there is much more to this Sydney 23 year old than just a music catalogue. As a proud LGBTQI activist, Andre hasn’t always found it easy to speak out. Raised in an abusive non-accepting household, Andre was a shy teen who like many struggled with his sexual identity and was the target of bullying (including that from his own parents). He now uses his experience with domestic abuse to positively mentor others and this year took his message all the way to the finals of the Mr. Gay Pride Australia competition.

About his experience Andre comments: “I honestly enjoyed my journey through the Mr. Gay Pride Australia competition and was honored to be a finalist. It provided clarity for my own mission and reaffirmed that we in the community, in any community, can make a difference by simply caring. I now hope my music can inspire both compassion and action.”

Unless You Care is out now via all DSP’s as part of Andre’s brand new EP “Heat” which celebrates Andre’s story through a series of dance anthems that include the club banger “La Luz” – a semi finalist in Latin category of the 2019 international song writing competition.

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