1. You gotta have pancakes and nutella every morning

Oh my Lord. Pancakes are amazing. Much fluffy, many carbs. We just bought the pre-mixed pancake mixes and spread nutella thoroughly each layer as we stacked them and it was bliss. Eating pancakes at a beach campsite in the morning as you listen to the waves crash on the shore is enough to make anyone go:


2. Friends are everything

You need to go on road trips with friends. They make adventures sparkle. Everything becomes funny and road trips are how in-jokes are born. There are things to see, people to meet and villains to escape (all part of the in-jokes). I personally think you can only travel with a certain type of friend. For me, it’s the friend that has the same all-consuming love for food.


3. Travelling as two couples is weird

When I go on road trips, I like taking campervans. It’s so easy. There’s a bed and kitchen inside. It’s comfortable. What is there to hate?

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 6.22.49 pm

Credit: @suekang_

Well. Unless there’s two campervans (and even then I’m not even sure), I think going as two couples is a 0/10. Don’t do it. Couples tend to think similarly like two clones. And then when there’s two clone minds competing against each other, it’s disaster. Go with your friends. See #2.


4. Just go into any National Park that comes your way. Do it.

Driving around in Australia is so easy because National Parks are marked so clearly. Anything of note is marked clearly on the roads. Leave plenty of time and make loose plans and just go into any National Park on your road trip. Especially for lunch! You’ll get to eat lunches on sand dunes, hidden secluded beaches and see some amazing nature.

5. You should probably set up your campervan before night falls

This applies for camping and camper vans. Ain’t nobody got time to be setting up at night when you can’t see anything. Night time is for eating, campfires, watching the stars and sleeping. Not squinting and trying to work out which way the bed goes. My favourite part of doing a road trip with JUCY was setting up the vans before sunset each day and just sitting and relaxing into the view as the sun would go down the horizon.

Sunsets at Mungo Brush, NSW

Sunsets at Mungo Brush, NSW Credit: @Suekang_

6. If there’s a big something, see it.

Big Banana. Need I say more?
As my friend said, ‘you’re not Australian if you haven’t seen at least one big thing’. Here’s a link to all the big things in Australia.


The Big Banana, NSW

Thanks to JUCY for helping me make this road trip possible. Find out more at www.jucyworld.com and follow them on social media @JUCYworld

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