1. Know that It’s Paradise

Lord Howe Island is famed for its perpetual spring climate where you can easily enjoy the sun without any uncomfortable humidity. Also, I’m usually a mosquito magnet but I really didn’t notice any pesky mozzies on Lord Howe Island. That fact in itself is enough for me to vote it the number one island in the world. Another fact that makes it heavenly is that only 400 visitors are allowed on the island at any one time. So, when you’re walking or cycling around the island, it feels intimate and serene. The locals will soon learn you by sight and you’ll feel like an island dweller before long.

Sunset on Lord Howe Island, Credit Instagram @suekang_

When I went scuba diving on Lord Howe Island in late May, I was provided with a 5mm wetsuit, a hood, vest and booties by Pro Dive Lord Howe Island. FYI, I am probably the world’s coldest person. I am usually the first person to whip out the “I’m cold” hand sign under water and then subsequently be wrecked with guilt by forcing my dive buddy to surface early with me.
But, I didn’t feel cold while diving at Lord Howe Island. Maybe it’s because Pro Dive took such good care of me. Maybe it’s because of the paradise temperatures. Either way, I was able to enjoy the dives and take in the beautiful reef system and marine life and my dive buddy was happy with me. What a win.

A friendly eel on Lord Howe Island, Credit Instagram @prodivelordhowe and @beebarlo


(2) Make Sure You Time Your Trip Well

Make sure you visit the world’s tallest sea stack – Ball’s Pyramid. While you obviously can’t control the weather conditions, I definitely recommend calling ahead and discussing with the Pro Dive Lord Howe Island team about your desire to dive at Ball’s Pyramid. They’ll be able to give invaluable advice on how to time your holiday well so that you can visit the worlds largest monolith!

Ball’s Pyramid, Credit Instagram @prodivelordhowe

Ball’s Pyramid is located in a marine sanctuary zone, meaning the pristine aquatic environment is protected. So, it is world class diving where you can see protected species endemic to the region. It’s so pristine that you can often see walls of fish from the surface down to 30 metres. Prepare to boast about this dive to all your friends, family, neighbours, doctors and random babies.

[TIP] What you’ll see here: massive schools of Violet Sweep, Amberjack, Kingfish, Silver Drummer, Ballina Angelfish, Rainbow Runners, Trevally and occasionally Marlin, Dolphins and Wahoo.


(3) Get Your Exploring on

The best thing about Pro Dive Lord Howe Island is that they’re very open to doing exploratory dives. Yep, I can literally feel the excitement coming from the experienced divers reading this. There are hundreds of dives sites on the island and hundreds more to be discovered. I would recommend talking to the team about a special dive package so you can have your own Charles Darwin or Jacques Cousteau moment. Just do us a favour, take a ton of photos and videos and upload it to instagram so we can see what you find as well! #sharingiscaring

A true explorer, Credit Instagram @prodivelordhowe

(4) Foster Your Photography Skills

Speaking of underwater photos, have you ever felt like you would be the best underwater photographer if you were ever given the chance? Sometimes I feel like that, but then I take videos underwater and they’re so shaky I give myself a seizure watching the footage. So, to hone these skills, go on the Lord Howe Island Photography Shootout with Renowned photographers Scott Portelli and Darren Jew in 2019! Basically it’s a trip where: (1) you know you’ll increase your underwater photography skills by participating in the competition and (2) have workshops and learn from the amazing photographers Scott Portelli and Darren Jew who are industry leaders. Don’t deny yourself a chance to be a famous underwater photographer. NatGeo is calling.

[TIP] From 2019, they’ve now expanded the trip to include non divers and snorkelers so your friends who don’t dive can come and join in on the fun too!

@Saltythommo’s winning shot from the 2018 Competition, Credit Instagram @prodivelordhowe

(5) The Island is the Whole Package

Not only is the diving world class, everything else about this island is just as exquisite.

Hiking was a clear highlight of this island and it’s not out of the question to walk every single trail the island offers within a week. Out of all the hikes, my favourite was probably the famous Mount Gower. On this hike, you’ll get to see the cutest Lord Howe woodhen which are an endangered flightless bird that is endemic to Lord Howe Island. Not only was it a fun hike, but going through eight hours of uninterrupted greenery felt like it undid twenty years of damage done by staring at the computer screen. No joke.

Millennials gather here and undo your computer/phone damage here. And, prepare to get some insane travel photos for your Instagram. Goals.

Mount Gower Hike, Credit Instagram @suekang_


Thank you to Pro Dive Lord Howe Island for the amazing dives.
Check them out at:
E: lisa@prodivelordhoweisland.com.au
P: (612) 6563 2253


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