With careers, house-hold chores, social commitments, legitimate hobbies (like dumpling eating contests) and just everything else life has to throw at us, how can couples maximise the time they have to spend together?

And, how can you make sure that the time you spend together is also contributing towards your health and wellness? #Multitasking

Well, don’t worry, I got you. And, I won’t even mention the word ‘gym’ because that’s cliché AF. Let’s get out there and push your boundaries.

1. Go Scuba Diving Together

Scuba diving is an expensive hobby, don’t get me wrong. But, when your hobbies are about exploration and adventure in an environment that’s designed to test the human body, it makes for a really worthwhile time together. My boyfriend was already a Dive Master but I was really scared of scuba diving when I began. I kept dry gagging on my regulator due to stress and motion sickness.

Diving a Wreck in Hawaii

But, now that I’ve kept at it and become comfortable, I know that I just have to wait for my my holy trifecta of diving: warmth, good visibility and things to see.

So, when I’m warm (either due to my wetsuit or the water temperature); the visibility is good; and I’m surrounded by this underwater world where I can see colours in a different light and all these underwater creatures shimmer around me; I feel like I’m really present. I feel like I am truly seeing every aspect of the world. And, considering the ocean covers more than 70 percent of the surface of our planet, it’s worth trying this hobby together to feel this way!

Go on, feel like an explorer together. You can get competitive and race to see who sees more turtles underwater.

2. Go Singing together

Go to that karaoke or buy a karaoke machine or just play some songs really loudly in the living room and belt out that stress. Singing is a pretty intimate experience and causes wildly varying reactions in different people. Having lived in Korea where it’s the norm to go to karaoke together, it’s fun to see your partner in a different light. What are their singing voices like? Their song choices? And, how do they react to your singing? Find out and have some fun together.

3. Go Cycling Together and Take Photos of Each Other Outdoors

Forget serious long distance cyclists that suit up and pedal in unison with their clubs. Just getting your bikes and cycling around your city makes for the best day together. Even if it’s a short distance, go outdoors and try new things. And, when you’re outdoors, take photos of each other. Not just an Instagram boyfriend thing but actually of each other. Take turns.

Schwinn Men’s GTX 3 Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle

Then, you can get home and see who took better photos of the other person and feel all warm and fuzzy when you spot a great photo. Figuring out the location of the “photo-shoot”, how to get there and dealing with the problems that may arise on your way there can really help work on your communication skills. And, sometimes the “fail” photos will make you cherish those memories than the beautiful ones.

Check that Mud out!

My favourite memory of cycling with my boyfriend is when he kept trying and thinking of new locations to take photos of my new Schwinn Yellow Perla Bike even though we were incredibly tired after a day of cycling and hiking. I had mud all over my clothes from hiking the Couching Lion Hike on Oahu.

We ended up at this beautiful beach where an Instagram-model was already taking photos. It was a very “bikini insta-girl” kind of place. I wasn’t sure what the concept was supposed to be so I put my bikini top on but was still wearing my hiking shorts because I wanted best of both worlds and I was very confused. My clothes were muddy beyond comprehension next to my sparkling clean bike. Also, my pose game was way off. I tried to convey, “YASS loving my fit outdoorsy day with my bike” but it came off as “My spine isn’t straight”. Nothing made sense.

But, every time I look at that photo I think of how adorable it was that he wanted to take more photos of me.

So, get out there and enjoy being healthy with your partner! And, if you get hungry after all these activities, remember how I mentioned that some people legitimately consider dumpling eating contests a hobby?

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