What was the best part about travelling with my SO?

Maybe the best parts were when he would make food for us. Because he’s the chef. When I was freezing in Joshua Tree National Park, he made sure we were eating. Nice things too. If it was up to me, we would have been on a diet of instant noodles. I was useless in those cold temperatures.


But, maybe it’s the way we would be cozy in the van at nights. Reading our books, swapping stories and laughing at each other’s silliness. Waiting for the next day’s adventures but entirely comfortable in our bed. The way he would nudge me to go outside to look at the stars.


Maybe it’s the times we would stop after long stretches of driving. The way he would find little things to explore that I would never think of. Like a cave in the middle of the road to Death Valley. In a desert somewhere not marked clearly on a map. We walked on the softest sand that kept collapsing under our feet to reach this hill where he found bullets. And, he found birds. Bird nests. Birds in the skies. Clouds that looked like things. Little wonders. Staying in the present. Giving me his jacket because it was too cold. Finding rocks that were coloured by the dark hues of the desert.


But, maybe it was the way I insisted we stay at a caravan park. Even though he would have preferred to be alone in the middle of the woods. Somewhere serene inside a National Park. And, then, him being pleasantly surprised by the heated showers. The way he compromised to make me happy.  Then, being warm in our van together, while the wind blew at us.


Maybe it was the way he was excited by the spooky white cross on top of a rock formation called Sunrise Rock in the Mojave. It was the middle of the night and he smiled while making fun of how scared I was. He made camp for us and then hurled himself on top of the Rock. Looking all the way out onto the bright lights of Vegas while I imagined creepy things in the darkness.


But, maybe it was the way he took me to Universal Studios to see Harry Potter world. Every single thing that happened in that Park made it my favourite day ever. Every photo we took, it won’t last as long as the memories I’m going to hold onto. The way he bought me Gryffindor socks.  Every Harry Potter themed food/drink we consumed. The way he ran to a carnival game for me and won a Unicorn. I was happier that day than when Hagrid got his Dragon Egg.


Yet, the best part was probably the way he held my hand while we walked on ice while hiking in Yosemite National Park. Making sure I didn’t fall. Even though, I shouldn’t have fallen. I’m not a bad hiker. I could have done it on my own.


But, I couldn’t have done the road trip on my own.

I wouldn’t have had as much fun and made as many memories.


The best part was him.


Thank you.



Thanks to JUCY for helping me make this road trip possible. Find out more at www.jucyworld.com and follow them on social media @JucyUSA #JUCYUSA



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