Australia’s Bleu Blanc Rouge French Festival in celebration of Bastille Day kicked off down at Custom’s House yesterday. The three day festival is a salute to France’s National Day – Le quatorze juillet (14th July), think all things French in style and inspiration – from delicious food, cooking master classes, artist performances, fashion shows and entertainment.


‘Bastille Day is a strong part of the French tradition, and for this occasion, in every French village people play music and dance with family and friends. The Bleu Blanc Rouge French Festival is an opportunity to celebrate ‘Bastille Day’ like the French do in Sydney where we can provide three fun filled days with fantastic activities which are free and open to everyone’ states Vincent Hernandez, Director of the Bleu Blanc Rouge Festival.


The Festival Village consists of 30 market stalls offering the finest in French delights; French pastries, crepes, chocolates, wines, champagne and liquor, French breads and cheese. With the entertainment on offer including a Cabaret Show, open-air cinema French film screening, French DJ and kids fashion show.


One of the highlights of the event is the French Cooking Master classes, and SydneySocial101 was invited to attend, attempting to master the true art behind French cuisine. Learning how to prepare a 3 course French menu was an exciting and rewarding treat. Led by Executive Chef of ‘Slide’ Aymeric Saint-Lannes, the menu consists of:



Clarence river school prawn bisque

Seared scallop and pernod mornay on the shell



Roast Duck Breast, bush Pepperberry bordelaise and Dubarry gratin Dauphinois



Vanilla Bourbon Crème Brulee with Almond Tuile


The 2.5-hour cooking class gives attendees the chance to share in Aymeric’s passion for food, and learn the secrets behind some of his favourite recipes.


Our favourite recipe of the class was the Dubarry Gratin Dauphinois.


Prep time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 80 mins



3 large peeled potatos

1/2 medium cauliflower

150gr shredded gruyere cheese


3 whole eggs

60cl fresh cream

2 pinch nutmeg powder

3 pinch vegetable salt

2 pinch white pepper



1. Preheat oven to 240 degrees Celsius

2. Use a mandolin or vegetable slicer to slice the potatoes (0.2cm thick)

3. Slice the cauliflower using a knife to the same thickness

4. In a deep baking tray, place the layers of potatoes, then cauliflower for four layers

5. top the 5th layer with gruyere cheese

6. Make cream custard in a mixing bowl: start by whisking the egg, incorporating the cream and seasoning

7. Pour the mixture over the potatoes and cauliflower tray, making sure it covers about three quarters of the volume

8. Bake the gratin for 20 mins at 240 degrees

9. To then make a crispy skin layer on the top, remove and cover with foil and bake for a further 60 mins at 180 degrees

10. Once coked, remove foil and let it set and cool for 15mins before serving

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