Back for it’s sixth installment, the 2012 ACP 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty, kicked off last week with some glam shows for fashionistas.
The event, which is hosted by the leading publishing house’s glossy magazines, such as Grazia, Shop Til You Drop, Woman’s Weekly, Haaper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Cleo and Madison to name a few, was held at the Lower Town Hall this weekend.
And Sydney Social 101 was lucky enough to be invited along to the sizzling fashion event!
The Cosmopolitan and Triumph show revealed some stunning lingerie. The luxurious range had a feel of weightlessness and it also catered for the larger bustier woman.
MTV’s presenter Kate Peck was sat in the front row of Sunday’s show, and was spotted sporting a very trendy red and white floppy hat!
The sassy blonde-haired VJ then later took to the catwalk herself for the Cleo and Swarovski show, which was titled, ‘Rule in the Kingdom of Jewels!’
Cleo editor Gemma Crisp kicked off the display, where models showcased dazzling necklaces, timeless bracelets and iconic accessories.
“We anticipate another successful 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty, allowing our magazines and their commercial partners to connect with their consumers and introduce themselves to millions more,” Louise Barrett, Director of Sales at ACP Magazines said in an official statement released before the event.
“ACP’s month-long, multi-title multimedia event is a fantastic platform to boost the Australian retail market and promote consumer spending with the focus on fashion and beauty for Spring/Summer 2012/13.”
This weekend’s line-up included sixteen full-scale runway shows featuring a host of celebs, international models and even 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty spokes-model Annabella Barber.

We can’t wait for the items to hit stores and appear in the mags this summer!

Sydney Social’s reporter Jennifer Fletcher reported from Lower Town Hall this weekend.


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