– Raun Sutton, 37 of Western Australia, sheds almost 40 kilos and is named Australia’s 2012 Slimmer of the Year –


On Wednesday 19th September Sydney Social 101 was invited to witness a pretty amazing awards ceremony; the 2012 Weight Watchers Healthy Life Awards – As we sat and waited with baited breath at the stunning Zeta Bar at The Hilton in Sydney’s CBD we saw Raun Sutton’s inspirational weight-loss and lifestyle transformation story, which saw him lose a staggering 39.7kilos (a third of his body weight!), and clinch the title of ‘Slimmer of the Year’.

Slimmer of the Year 2012 – Raun Sutton

Almost 500 national entries were received, with judging based on weight-loss, health improvements, efforts to inspire others and overall transformation, Raun was one of the five Australian State finalists selected to attend the gala event.

Proving that gender is not a barrier when it comes to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Raun won over the judges to become Australia’s first-ever male winner in the history of the competition.

Now a role model for other Aussie men, Raun is happier and healthier than ever. Commenting on his motivations and new-found way of living he said:

“My decision to join Weight Watchers came last October when I experienced what I call ‘a shatter moment’. I was walking to work one day, feeling unhealthy, out of breath and perspiring. I caught sight of my unhappy self in my size XXXXL shirt and 44-inch waist trousers, and realised that something had to change.Taking advice from a work colleague, I joined my local Weight Watchers group and haven’t looked back since.

“At first I was surprised at how simple Weight Watchers really was! I still eat out and have the occasional glass of wine, but I’m now educated on healthy eating, portion sizes, balanced meals and knowing how to live and enjoy my life.”

Speaking at this year’s Awards, Weight Watchers Australasia Managing Director, Joseph Saad said:

“What a year it’s been! The 2012 Healthy Life Awards have uncovered a wealth of unique and truly inspiring stories. These awards are definitely not about discovering the member who has lost the most kilos in the shortest space of time, some of our contenders have demonstrated how simple changes to their everyday habits have had a significant impact on their health and general well-being.

“We’re so proud, and somewhat overwhelmed, by the confidence and opportunities that have arisen across our members’ lives as a result of being on the Weight Watchers program. With so many success stories to celebrate, we faced some challenging decisions when judging for this year’s awards.

“However, we’re thrilled to be crowning our first-ever male ‘Slimmer of the Year’! Gone are the days when weight-loss programs are women-only zones, men need a helping hand too and Raun further cements the message that the Weight Watchers way of life can be tailored to suit so many Aussies, regardless of their age, gender and target goals.”

Commenting on his triumph, Raun added:

“I’m happier and healthier than ever, and feel blessed to have had my story recognised and celebrated nationally. It’s been an amazing and incredibly humbling experience, which has provided me with all the tools I need to maintain my goal weight forever.

“Looking back at pictures of myself at my unhealthiest, it’s easy to see how unhappy I was. For those wanting to take the first steps towards a healthier life, I hope my story encourages you not to hesitate any longer.”

In another first, Raun will become the only male Weight Watchers member to have ever graced the cover of the Weight Watchers magazine when he stars alongside New Zealand ‘Slimmer of the Year’, Janneke van Rooijen in the December issue.

New Zealand’s Slimmer of the Year 2012 – Janneke van Rooijen

With his new title and beach-ready body, Raun will soon be enjoying his prize of a six-night escape for two in the Cook Islands flying Air New Zealand.

With almost 500 remarkable stories submitted from across Australia and New Zealand, entrants to the 2012 Healthy Life Awards have lost a staggering 10,347 kilos! As a Platinum Partner and in celebration of each kilogram lost by this year’s entrants, Weight Watchers is donating $10,347 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Throughout the evening Sydney Social 101 and other guests were treated to yummy canapés and the wine also kept on coming! All in all a very inspiring event, which Sydney Social 101 has the honour of attending for the second year ina  row!

For more information and to read more about this years winners at the 2012 Weight Watchers Healthy Life Awards, visit: http://www.healthylifeawards.com.au

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