The day that they call Valentines Day is almost upon us, on the 14th February couples, singles and friends and family use this opportunity to tell their loved ones just how much they mean to them.

From experience I have found that there is definitely a split opinion when it comes to Valentines Day Celebrations. They usually come in the following two categories:


These people believe that there shouldn’t be just one day that you are forced to, by society, to proclaim your undying love to your partner, friends and family. They often refer to it as a ‘Hallmark Holiday’. They feel that you should be able to make grand gestures ‘just because’, not just because it’s Valentines Day, and well that’s the done thing…

Singles also fall into this category, these singles hate romance being paraded in front of them. They ask for the ‘sick bag’ and they’ll probably arrange an ‘anti-Valentines’ evening – Cue takeaway, horror/ comedy DVD and the rest of their single/ anti-Valentines loved up friends.

Then there’s the:


This category of people love everything there is to love about Valentines, they love what it stands for, they love any excuse for a grand gesture and embrace it with both arms and share the love. They’ll book/ cook a special meal for their nearest and dearest, they’ll have flowers delivered to their respective other’s workplace and they’ll probably splash out on an expensive gift.

Singles also fall into this category too – they might go to all lengths to bag a date as they don’t like to be alone on Valentines Day. They might even want to celebrate the ‘day of love’ with their best friends and toast all that Valentines Day stands for in their minds – A day to show how much you love your friends and family. If grand gestures can be celebrated anytime, why not today?!

I have been guilty of falling into all of the above categories at some point in my life. What I can say is that I do believe that you should be able to show your loved ones how much they mean to you anytime sure, however I do think then why not celebrate Valentines Day? The day of love, romance and grand gestures – seems like the perfect time for me. (I’m of the school of thought, that if you want to do big romantics acts at anytime of year, then do! Just because you choose to do one on Valentines Day too, doesn’t use up your quota!)

Here are a number of gift suggestions, for either your partner (girl or guy), your friends on family members:


Pamper Hamper Gifts

This luxury gifting site provides the ultimate selection of pampers to suit your loved ones perfectly:


With a nod to adventure this fragrance conjures the grace and beauty of remote destinations. Light yet sophisticated, Galapagos makes the most of kaffir lime with an added hint of lemon, verbena and kumquat. have put this gorgeous gift together in hope of someone pampering themselves from head to toe in indulgence!

RRP: $152.00


Instead of automatically reaching for these obvious gifts shoppers should think about going for something a bit different this Valentine’s Day.

JOYA-Australia created a special package with a thoughtful and more unexpected gift that will keep you and your Valentine relaxed and your relationship rolling smoothly – on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Couples all over the world have been discovering JOYA – freely rotating crystal spheres in smooth, handy timber holders – makes massaging easy, enjoyable and relaxing for both partners, opening the door to a wonderful way to connect with each other and to enhance each other’s well-being. – Starting price is $74


Something a little bit cheeky…

Swarovski Crystal Vajazzles that can be worn all over the body! They are a huge hit with celebrities and have become the ultimate easy DIY adhesive to compliment any outfit for any event especially great for Valentines Day to be able to spice things up in the bedroom and do something unique!

They’re funky and very affordable $10 each and last for 7-10days, they make your body sparkle and glisten in the sun with 7 stunning designs to choose from, including some Hearts Vajazzles and Funky Heart Swirl designs.

They’re all waterproof, sweat proof and ocean proof!

They can be purchased online from


Rebello Wines ‘Strawbellini’

An internationally acclaimed sparking wine made from fresh Sunny Ridge Strawberries from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

It’s the only strawberry and moscato sparkling blend sold in Australia.

Strawbellini is available at premium liquor outlets across Australia and online at where it can be purchased for $19.


DIY Ladies Tool Kit

This contains a comprehensive choice of quality manufactured tools in hot pink. Perfect for doing repairs at home and around the office.


Available from – which also has a great selection of gifts for men and couples too!

Remington Runway Curls (H480AU) – RRP $93.95

Treat your special lady to these innovative velcro rollers and let her create romantic inspired curls with ease. Four separate sized rollers create runway ready curls in almost any length for salon professional results at home.



Pamper Hamper Gifts

This luxury gifting site provides the ultimate selection of pampers to suit the guy in your life:


Mr Metro is aware of the importance of good grooming. More men than ever are interested in taking better care of their skin & a simple daily ritual of cleansing, moisturising & grooming will maintain great looking healthy skin.

RRP: $159.00

Remington Black Diamond (R7150AU) – RRP $203.95:

Spoil the man in your life to the Aston Martin of smooth shaves with this luxurious new rotary
shaver. Featuring an exclusive Black Diamond Technology, coupled with Remington¹s Pivot & Flex functionality this tool offers smooth results like no other.


DIY artisan cheese making kit:

Mad Millie bring you the Specialty Cheese Kit with which you can you make your very own heart shaped cheese this Valentine’s Day.

The French Neufcahtel is a cream cheese in the shape of a heart and is sure to melt the heart of all romantics out there this Valentine’s Day.

Surprise and impress your loved one with the gorgeous heart shaped cheese and create the most romantic French inspired picnic for your partner by teaming it with their favourite wine or champagne.

Available via:



A NEW premium Sportswear and Streetwear fashion brand on the Australian market, known for it’s innovative style, form and function. It’s the type of clothing you grab from your wardrobe, wear and enjoy 24×7. BCNU has been designed differently to traditional gym gear instead it’s a style of clothing that can be worn for training, handing out, play’n or just lazing around at home.

Added feature of sportswear range is that it features material which has moisture management system built into the shorts and training tops, vest which draw moisture away form the skin, keeping a guy dry and comfortable whilst working out.

The BCNU range consists of sports shorts, tank tops, athletic vests, hoodies and sweatshirts that are bold and masculine featuring brilliant colour choices.

Check out the website to view the entire collection


iSwim Waterproof Case w/Headphones

Enjoy your tunes on the beach, in the pool, on the boat or anywhere! Keep your iPod or mp3 player safe from water, sand and dirt in a truly waterproof, sealable case that will not only protect it from weather or waves, it’ll float if dropped in water too.


Available from – which also has a great selection of gifts for men and couples too!

Finally for friends, lovers and family… you can’t go wrong with a gift from Red Balloon:

Valentines Day Gift Guide Ideas from Red Balloon can be found here:

Spending a day on the water, leaping from a plane or learning to cook a killer soufflé are some of the top ways we choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, according to online experience retailer

After selling more than 1.7 million experiences in just over a decade, RedBalloon is a popular choice for the loved-up wanting to celebrate February 14 in a romantic or adventure-fuelled fashion.

Top Valentine’s Day experiences in 2012:

1. Sailing

2. Eating out and cooking classes

3. Massages, beauty and spa treatments

4. V8 and rally car experiences

5. Skydiving

RedBalloon customer Sheri Gould was one who opted for the skydiving option, proposing to her boyfriend Max after leaping from 14,000 feet on Valentine’s Day last year.

As part of a daredevil skydive proposal arranged by RedBalloon, Sheri surprised Max with a skydiving experience – little did he know Sheri was taking the biggest leap of her life.

“I was very nervous as we boarded the plane – I had to jump first so that I could be on the ground and on one knee ready to pop the question when Max landed,” Sheri said.

“There was a huge banner reading ‘Will you marry me?’ laid out on the ground as Max came into land, and a film crew capturing the moment for TV.

“It was a real logistical and emotional exercise. But when he said yes it was the happiest moment of my life.”

Sheri and Max plan to wed in Sydney this year.

For both of you:

Love is sweet and so is chocolate! And to celebrate the most romantic day of the year, Australia’s favourite chocolate-based cafe Max Brenner, is inviting you to treat your someone special to its new range of romantic, love inspired gifts.

Bursting Heart Chocolate Box; intimacy meets fashion as this heart shaped chocolate box designed with tattooed imprints and pulsating colours, expresses your love. Bursting with milk chocolate cubes filled with delicious hazelnut praline and roasted coconut, this original treat includes the romantic inscription; “Gift It to The One You Love”. (RRP: $21.50, 80g). The heart shaped tin will serve as an eternal reminder of a love that lasts all year round- even after the last morsel of chocolate is gone.

Bursting Heart Chocolate Box

Bursting Heart Chocolate Box

Sweet Love Praline Box 9; this delectably sweet and delightful gift includes nine of Max’s signature Pralines presented in a ‘Sweet Love’ designed box featuring a heart shaped window revealing the chocolate within.  Add that extra bit of romance by filling it with Max’s newest Praline –whipped milk chocolate ganache enrobed in white chocolate and adorned with the words “Sweet Love”. (RRP: $21.50)

Sydney Social 101 hopes that you all have an amazing Valentines Day, no matter what you decided to do! We hope this guide has provided you with some inspiration with regards to gifts!

COMING UP: Where to celebrate Valentines Day – Sydney venues to spoil the one you love…

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