Prom Night is the new immersive cinema experience from Curious Cartel which takes place this Saturday in a secret central Sydney location and they are offering Sydney Social 101 subscribers a fabulous $10 discount on tickets!



Immersive cinema is all the rage in the UK and basically means you get to watch a classic movie in matched surroundings with themed outfits and extras such as related props, theatrical performances, DJs, food and drink. The catch? You don’t know what the movie is until it starts (although movie buffs can have a good guess from all the clues). Guests are even sent extra hints and exciting titbits as the night approaches and the location is revealed via a cryptic email 72 hours prior to the event.


At Curious Cartel’s last outing  they screened Fight Club in the Domain undergrHatound car park with full on set dressing, special effects make-up artists and a cast of actors and stunt artists to direct the guest’s journey through live performance and interaction. Following the entertainment, the secret film was screened on two large screens using silent disco headphones. Check out the awesome video from the night: .



Look like fun to you? It sure does to us and we can’t wait attend this Saturday’s event! This time the theme is ‘Prom Night‘ and as Curious Cartel say:

“Schools out and Summer’s approaching. There’s nothing left to do but party!

From stolen kisses, near misses, cherry punch, prom kings & queens, to dancing under the stars you’ll find it all at the Prom. Carpe diem. Seize the day. Make your night extraordinary.”

IMG_8585Well, we don’t know the movie yet but images of Footloose, Grease and Napolean Dynamite etc are flooding through my brain. Personally, I’m hoping for Pretty In Pink but if it turns out to be Carrie I’ll be watching the whole thing from behind my Prom date’s shoulder! In the meantime I’m off to search out a prom frock and corsage in my local Vinnies…


The presale tickets to Prom Night sold out in four minutes but there are a few left so don’t delay, get them now! Even better Sydney Social 101 subscribers can get a $10 discount on their tickets – you just need to pop the code 101VIP into checkout – 

So what are you waiting for? I’ll see you on the dance floor under the mirror ball…

WHAT: Prom Night

WHERE: Secret central Sydney location

WHEN: 6pm onwards, Saturday 19th September



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