Are you a skier or snowboarder missing the slopes this Summer? Are you a slope addict who wants to fine tune your moves? Or are you a newbie to snow sports and want to fit in a bit of practice before the real thing? If you answered yes to any of these then this is for you.


There is nothing like the adrenalin fuelled rush of soaring down a perfectly groomed slope, a high that only time at the snow can deliver – until now. Off-Piste Ski + Snowboard Simulators in the Entertainment Quarter, deliver a breathtaking virtual reality experience to create the ultimate urban skiing or snowboarding adventure.


Utilising the latest in virtual reality technology, precision motion sensors, powerful motors to recreate G force sensations, ground-breaking software and stunning HD graphics, Off-Piste delivers a brilliantly realistic experience.

Off-Piste is the creation of founders Pascal and Chadia. On a family trip to L.A. the couple discovered Skytech Sports, creators of cutting edge virtual reality ski and snowboard simulators. As avid skiers, Pascal and Chadia instantly fell in love with the concept and decided to exclusively bring Skytech Sports down under.


Off-Piste has been created to emulate the entire skiing experience with a unique lodge design featuring white synthetic grass, exposed timber, stone walls and lounge areas. This immersive, multi-sensory environment instantly transports you to the Off-Piste world.

Sydney Social 101 recently visited Off-Piste for a virtual Skiing experience (we miss being out on the slopes!). Our Off-Piste experience started with a very warm welcome from the whole team who welcomed us to their lodge. We then moved to the boot fitting area and got measured and fitted with our ski rental boots, the exact type of boot used on the slopes. We then began our one-on-one experience with Chadia who is a fully qualified ski instructor. We had a chat to Chadia about how long we have been skiing, our past skiing experience, our capabilities and our goals. Chadia was then able to personally tailor our experience to each of us. After a quick warm up, we were ready to hit the slopes! Woo!

There are two simulators available, The Summit which is the more compact option perfect for beginners or for fine tuning your technique, and The Avalanche which offers a larger and more powerful simulator that is suited to advanced skiers. We both started off on The Summit to get use to the sensation, work our edging and to get us prepped for The Avalanche. It was amazing how similar the sensation was to skiing and we could definitely feel those same ski muscles working. Chadia provided us both with extremely helpful feedback on our technique and was very encouraging in getting us to go faster and get our edging just right. She then announced that it was time for us to try The Avalanche. Exciting!


The surround video monitors and larger track allowed us to immerse ourselves more deeply in the experience and it gave us more challenging runs to try (Runs that I might think twice about in real life!) The simulators allowed me to challenge myself, work on my technique, work out muscles that I only usually use once a year and have a fun time in the process!

Off-Piste enables every element of your run to be customised, from icy, wet or powdery snow conditions to wide turns, moguls and bumps. You can also experience some of the world’s most famous runs thanks to advanced GPS scouting technology. Choose from Beaver Creek, 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics or the upcoming 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics runs and experience every twist, bend and incredible view as though you’re an Olympian. (Watch out Winter Olympics 2022 here I come!)


Catering for group bookings, Off-Piste makes for an unforgettable event that’s perfect for corporate groups, birthday parties or team building days. Off-Piste also caters for children starting at 5-7 years old depending on their size and ability.


With Off-Piste you can enjoy the thrill of the slopes all year-round with no lifts, no lines and endless possibilities to experience the ultimate in ski and snowboard simulation!

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