Let me give you three reasons why you should do a USA trip during winter: snow, waves and less crowds.


1. Snow

Anywhere on the mainland USA that lets you sing Christmas carols and have the white Christmas feels is worth going to. Just for that difference of pace. When do we Aussies ever get to celebrate a white Christmas?

Go and enjoy the National Parks covered in beautiful white snow while the bears are hibernating!



2. Waves

Hawaii and California get epic waves when it’s winter. And the weather is still pretty amazing during winter in Hawaii (think 23-28 degrees) and everyone needs to visit Kauai at least once in their lives.
Just look at the Napali coast during its winter months:


Napali Coast

3. Less crowds

When I was driving around California in December and January in our amazing JUCY van, we were able to find camping sites so easily because of the freezing temperatures. There were less people on hikes, less people taking up space in bathrooms and definitely little to zero annoying tourists throwing their rubbish everywhere.


And considering during the winter months, JUCY vans give you free bedding kits, free kitchen kits, two free camping chairs and 100 miles per day for free, everyone should be thinking about their next big American Winter Road trip!


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Thanks to JUCY for helping me make this road trip possible. Find out more at and follow them on social media @JucyUSA #JUCYUSA

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